Poll: Who Will Win in Stoke Central?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been a fascinating campaign for all concerned in the upcoming by-election with all the main contenders having their problems.

First off UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has come unstuck over the address he declared on his nomination papers.

Simply put, he claims to live at an address in Penkhull, that quite clearly hasn’t seen any resident for quite some time.

It was a brilliant piece of investigative journalism by the excellent Channel 4 News reporter Michael Crick who revealed that Nuttall had never seen the property let alone reside there.

The police are now investigating the matter following an accusation of Political Fraud.

The issue comes in the aftermath of a Leave.EU poll which gives UKIP a 6 point lead over Labour.

Labour’s campaign has really hit the buffers according to several sources.

In the same Channel 4 report, Michael Crick claimed that he had been told that the Labour team did not want their candidate Gareth Snell out campaigning in his presence ‘in case their was a Gillian Duffy moment’.

I can reveal that comment was made by a key campaign figure and has led to senior party officials ‘reading the riot act’ and ‘telling a few home truths’.

Officers of the Regional Office have come under particular scrutiny following the lack of organisation thus far during the campaign.

One source told me:

“This could be the first by-election to be lost due to the incompetence of the campaign organisers rather than the performance of the candidate. It’s so unfair to Gareth because he is working incredibly hard”

So to the poll – Instead of relying on polls organised by organisations with a vested interest, I thought I would generate a poll and share it on Social Media so we can get a idea of the voting intentions of those who are elligable to vote, but also to gauge the way people would vote if the by-election were in their constituency.

Please share this post as widely as you can so we can get as much interaction as is possible.





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