Why Walley? Why?

After a considerable absence from blogging I’ve decided to bring myself back online.

The reason’s why are numerous but I’m in a really good place at the moment.

Politically – I’m not in ANY party and I’m not likely to ever be again. I’m still in touch with many people who are. I’ve still got loads of contact in all parties and groups and I still get loads of information passed to me. I think I’ve still got my finger pretty much on the pulse, especially locally. I have issues with policies and people from all groups locally and the many shenanigans that get played out across the three constituencies and the council chamber and I’m not afraid of voicing my opinion on any subject – hence this blog.

Broadcasting – Since I’m concentrating on presenting sport on the radio at the moment, I don’t think that I have a conflict of interest because I am not covering news and politics. If any media organisation approaches me for my view, I’m free to express it without bringing any organisation I’m connected with into disrepute.

Other stuff – I don’t want this site just to be a ranting opportunity. I have interests in food (both cooking it and eating it – in or out), wine (both buying it and drinking it), music (both listening to it and presenting it on the radio) reading (both kindle and hardback) and theatre, (both drama and live music) – all this gives me a diverse range of topics to blog about.

But let’s face facts. There is loads of political stuff going down here – the resignation of Tristram Hunt, the issues facing the council’s ruling coalition now that they have realised that leadership isn’t all about jumping on passing bandwagon’s.

I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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